Friday, April 26, 2013

Kinfolk Flower Potluck

Kinfolk Mag in partnership with Eva's Garden and Beacon Hill Bistro hosted an afternoon of garden tours, flower gathering and a beautiful meal at Eva's Garden near Dartmouth MA.
I had a chance to meet some wonderful people, learn a bit about how things grow (I have the world's worst gardening skills) and just be out in the sun a bit!
I couldn't get over how beautiful the table awaiting us was. The decor consisted mainly of fresh flowers, branches, simple white dinnerware, brown paper with a d.i.y. stencil print and a lot of sunshine!
After the week that was in Boston, it was nice to be out and see nature work so beautifully. The little green plants pushing through the as-yet cold ground was not a lost metaphor on all of us.
I think I just stood and stared at the ground at them when I found this!
 My mother's well-loved Jawaja bag found itself full of flowers on our foraging adventure.
I was loving the subtle colors on the table too!
Josh Lewin (of the Beacon Hill Bistro and one of the co-hosts) works his magic with roasted veggies!
While Josh and his crew were prepping for dinner, the rest of us spent some time putting together these flowers:
This is Diana, my wonderful friend, who told me about this event and is usually a gateway for me to discover amazing things about my neighborhood!
Diana introduced me to Rebecca (who offered to do the long drive from Boston, thanks so much!) who was a delight to talk with. So incredible when you meet a new person and feel like you've known them forever!
As the weekend approaches, I do hope yours is filled with friends, nature and simple well-crafted meals! xo, Chitra

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