Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New year, New ideas!

On this eleventh day of the new year, at Kara, we are extremely thankful for the wonderful people we have met and new work we've started over the past few weeks. I've been meaning to blog earlier, but was a bit caught up with family and travel. Here are some new products that will soon be online:
Block-printed scarves on a new weave: fresh off the looms
We have been quite busy printing some new fabrics for table linens and scarves. I've been looking forward to printing the scarves for a while, was so glad to see the creamy white yards of the scarf fabric arrive from the weavers!
Double colored block-prints on the scarves
Multicolored block-printed scarf in an ultra-soft cotton weave
Also fresh off the looms were these canvas-textured tablecloths and soft cotton napkins. The colors, patterns and textures are all new; can't wait till these are online soon!
Pastel colored tablecloth in a beautiful new weave and pattern!
Fawn, ash and tan come together for this earthy table cloth and napkin set
Bordeaux and ash with bold white stripes for another earthy toned tablecloth
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