Saturday, February 2, 2013

NY and the GF debut

Here are some updates from our first ever trade fair in NYC this past weekend:
This was our entire luggage for our booth set up, products and our clothes for the week!
The time is 6 am, I'm a bundle of nerves, Prashant is probably looking through our latest planning updates
Our booth, as we found it 2 days before the event. So much work, so much potential (and so much stress!)
Here I'm stringing up the hand-lettered signage, Prashant is making hooks to hang them: DIY + improv!
This was the messiest it looked, before it all got better!
This view helped as we worked non-stop to get the space lookin spiffy!
Day 1: hello New York, all bright and sunny!
The newspaper-head wearing the hair towel added a lot of quirkiness to our install, hehe!
Super happy with the way our fabric and re-purposed cardboard signs turned out!
We got a lot of compliments for using the yarn as a simple and fun way to hang up our fabrics :)
These dudes looked ridiculously tropical in the sunlight!
Cardboard, white markers and twine = friendly handmade signs
The daylight at the Javits center did a lot to promote the outdoor and comfy nature of these fabrics!
This little Ganesha kept an eye on our stuff for us; thank you sir
We also had a bunch of friends stop by our space too: thanks Shivangi, Brookes and Nupur for all the fun conversation and help with everything! Carli came by with her team to do a little interview about our work for Quirky; here's the article, yay!

So grateful that our little debut was so warmly recieved, cant wait for what's next! xo, Chitra.
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