Saturday, September 15, 2012

September at the Studio

Photo-updates on our activities in and outside the studio, over the past few weeks:
We were finally all at the same place to get a team snap: (l-r) Chitra, Indu, Sreedevi, Sandhya, Revathy, Annu

This month was also when Indu and I made a quick trip to Singapore and Australia for some work and family visits:
A Koala-bum and us at the lovely Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary near Brisbane :)
The Singapore trip was to meet some family, and we loved the busy and charming city!
After the brief trip, we got back to the studio to resume work for all our lovely buyers:

Bathrobes getting packaged for the Good Earth stores.
Sandhya and Annu waterproofing a shipment for CGH Earth's Swaswara resort in Goa.
Table napkins awaiting packaging, for Terrain in the USA.
Meanwhile, our experiments in new weaves continues, as we broaden our wholesale portfolio:
Corded yarn bunches interwoven with the fine yarn.
Our brand new kitchen towels and napkins in jewel tones.
Combination of thick yarn cords and fine weave for table mats.
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